K. Andrew

Bio: K. Andrew Turner writes literary and speculative fiction, poetry, and dabbles in nonfiction as well. He has been painting with words since he was 12 years old, imagining worlds both far and near—and how to connect them with ours. Growing up in the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California has influenced his writing style and his outlook on life. Searching for new perspectives led him across the vast Arizona desert to live in Albuquerque, NM for a brief—but full—two and half years where he rediscovered his love of learning and the written word. It was during this time that he blossomed into a writer and explored different avenues of spirituality. The high desert forced him out of his shell to grow as a person, to become comfortable being on his own. He fell in love with stark beauty of the natural landscape. Eventually, fate decided to returned him to Southern California to live and care for his paternal grandparents. It took him time, but he attended the Valley Poet's Society reading at a local book store. Here he fell for the simple, powerful poems of local authors. Through these readings he met other writers and was encouraged to submit his work. So far, his writing has appeared or been accepted to Chiron Review and Carnival Magazine. K. Andrew Turner is a creative mentor and freelance editor, and also teaches creative writing.

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